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Ritar Company was established in May, 2002, currently it has become a quickly-developed lead-acid battery manufacturer, with its headquarters in Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park, and it has set up two production bases in Shenzhen and Shanghai.

RITAR RT Batteries
General purpose battery with 5 years floating design life (standby), meet with IEC, JIS standard . With heavy duty grid, thickness plates, special additives, RT series battery have long and reliable service life. More information

RITAR Deep Cycle GEL Batteries
GEL Deep cycle battery, with a 12 years floating design life, superiorly designed for frequent cyclic discharge applications under extreme temperature. By using strong grid to insure reliable performance under frequent cyclic discharge use. 400 cycles could be available at 100% Depth of Discharge. Offering extra-durable cyclic performance, high efficiency of recovery, that is more suitable for solar, mobility, E-toll, marine , deep discharge UPS etc..  More information

RITAR Deep Cycle AGM Batteries
AGM Deep cycle battery with a 10 years floating design life, specially designed for frequent cyclic discharge usage. By using strong grid and specific paste plate, it makes battery have 30% more cyclic life time than standby series. It is applicable for solar energy system, golf cart, electric wheelchair, etc.. More information

RITAR EV Series Batteries for Electric Vehicles
Specially designed for deep cycle discharge and grouping usage in electric vehicle application. By the special active material design in the plate, it makes battery have more than 300 cycles life time by 100% Depth of Discharge. Specially, the consistency performance of grouping usage is much better than general series. More information

RITAR FT (Front Terminal) Series Battery
Ritar FT Series is specially designed for telecom use with 10+ years design life in float service. By adopting a new AGM separator and centralised venting system, the battery can be installed in any position while maintaining high relaibility. The dimensions of the FT series is designed for 19" and 23" cabinet installation.  It is suitable for UPS/EPS applications. More information

RITAR Standby Batteries
Standby battery with 10 + years floating design life time. The solid Gel protects no way to suffer electrolyte stratification and ensure mild corrosion, its special separator eradicates infection between plates to prevent short circuit. it offers extra-durable performance under extreme temperature. More information

Battery information

What is the definition of "cycle use" and "standby use"?
"Cycle Use" - direct power source:
Cycle Use it can provide the power supply to power tools, and portable electronic products. It can also be used for cycling charging and discharging usage such as electronics motorbike or vacuum cleaner.
"Standby Use" - back up power:
Standby Use is mainly used for emergency power to avoid future damage that may be caused by a sudden power outage.

What is the difference between float and cycle applications?
A float application requires the battery to be on constant charge with an occasional discharge. Cycle applications charge and discharge the battery on a regular basis.

How long can a battery last?
The service design life of a battery varies considerably with how it is used, how it is maintained and charged, temperature, among other factors.

Do I need to add water to my battery?
No. Sealed lead acid batteries do not require the use of water.